About us

Bienvenue chez Bel-Ami Paris! 

We are your rendez-vous with France’s most beautiful things.
A cabinet de curiosité full of ever changing vintage and contemporary pieces.

Inspired by the convivial tables of our grandmothers, the atmosphere of our bistros and the joyful atmosphere of our terraces de café, we wish to revive the savoir-faire of french makers and the magic of flea markets.
In short, we want to share the French savoir-vivre through unique, singular pieces that have a story to tell. Giving old pieces a new purpose means less waste. In the United States alone, more than 12 million tons of furniture-related waste is thrown into landfills per year.

Wouldn't we have everything to gain by giving a second life to the treasures and traditions of previous generations?




At Bel-Ami Paris, we believe in “slow living”: taking the time, enjoying life's little pleasures, making every simple thing an enjoyable one.

As a reaction to overconsumption and materialism, our ambition is to demonstrate the value of the old. Beyond the cachet and obvious charm of these unique pieces, Bel-Ami participates in a circular economy that has become essential in today's world.

By adopting a vintage piece, our customers not only chooses an interior of quality, with a soul and personality, but adopts a responsible approach too.

At Bel-Ami Paris we also offer an aspirational dimension to our customers. It is fundamental for us to create an universe embodying classic French aesthetics. Its nonchalant elegance, its timeless chic, its singularity, its conviviality.

Our desire is above all to share our attachment to France: its pleasures, its culture, its savoir-faire. In short, we wish to show what the French art-of-living is all about.