This 18th-century façade de lit-clos or "closed-bed facade" from Brittany (France) has two doors like a cupboard. It was used to allow people privacy and help them keep warm during winters. The bed was enclosed in the wall behind those doors.

The façade de lit-clos or "closed-bed facade", which is commonly known as box bed was a popular piece of furniture about 600 years ago. Once used widely in common households, the lit-clos headboard has become antiquity in the modern age. Due to its unique features and curiosity awakening usage, this wonderful piece of furniture is coming back in trend.

The lit-clos was the main furniture piece of rural houses in the region until the 20th century. Often carved and decorated, it was the pride of its owners. It was used to be designed in a number of ways. For the purpose of privacy either curtains were used or the whole bed used to be enclosed inside the doors. To further add to the convenience some of these beds were designed to move freely.

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