Vintage French Table de Vendange with place settings and other vintage French decor.
Close-up of edge and trestle legs on French antique furniture piece Table de Vendange.
Close-up of trestle leg and top of 1920s French antique table. Table de Vendange.
Place setting on vintage french furniture piece Table de Vendange.
Two place settings and top of French antique table. Table de Vendange.
Close up of lovely original patina and trestle leg of French vintage table. Table de Vendange.
Close-up of edge of Table de Vendange, showing the lovely original patina on this French vintage furniture piece.
Close-up showing the pine edges of this 1920s vintage French furniture piece. Table de Vendange.

Table de Vendange

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Beautiful and unique large, antique 1920s Table de Vendange. This charming table is built on trestles. It has a lovely original patina. This exceptional quality table is made of pine and the long process of oxidation has given it an incredible brown patina.

Vendange tables have long been associated with French wine history. These tables were commonly used in vineyards of France during the grape harvest season. The wine harvesting, or the vendange, lasts for a month, starting in August and ending in October. After the hard work comes the time to enjoy with the family and friends. This tradition has long been a part of French history, so are these vendange tables.

These tables were used to be made of pine, walnut, or oak. Most of these antique pieces are either gone or in a state of disrepair. This one is an exception and a rare piece to find.

Table de Vendange with its rustic charm, original glaze, and trestle supports, is a unique piece of furniture that deserves the most prominent place in any household. It can go with the wide range of interiors that your home might already have.

An exquisite table to have your meals or enjoy wine with your family and friends. It is certainly an admirable collection.


2m20 x 84cm  Height: 71cm

7'2" x 2'9" Height: 28"